Google Suggestions: How to create them?

Google Suggestions: How to create them?

Google Autocomplete (also known as Google Suggest) is a feature of the Google search engine that provides real-time search query predictions as users type into the search box. These suggestions aim to save users time, reduce typing effort, and help them refine their search queries.

Many people ask how you can manipulate Google Autocomplete

Since obtaining users from the Google search engine is an undefined knowledge and the SEO industry is full of scammers and deceptive services, many people try to exploit this by creating theories that their service produces the desired effect, as in the case of Google suggestions, promoting their service, which is far from reality.

You've probably tested one of these services and were disappointed. Many of the tales created by these companies are not consistent and logical with how the suggestion module behaves in real-time.

Claiming that you have to wait "a few months" for effects is a typical ploy of companies trying to rope you into subscriptions or services that offer nothing. For example, if an unexpected event took place in a certain location, Google can create a suggestion within a few hours. So why, when using a company's service, would you have to wait several months for a suggestion? Answer this question for yourself.

But to the point:

Google suggestions can be created in several ways:

  • By publishing content on high-reputation websites, e.g., news sites. Google uses article headers, titles, and frequently repeated bold texts to generate suggestions. One high-reputation site still used by SEOs and spammers to generate suggestions is There was a company some time ago that did this massively and, using this site, generated suggestions even with cool icons at the end.
  • By manipulating easier search engines such as Bing. Every few weeks, Google imports organic data from other search engines, including the suggestions generated by the users of these search engines. One method to generate suggestions in Google is to create a suggestion in Bing.
  • manipulated bing suggestion example
  • By real user searches.

Generating a suggestion is one thing, and ranking the suggestion is another. If you manage to trigger a suggestion, it will be displayed sooner during typing and higher based on the popularity of clicks. Many suggestions are created, and if they are not used by users, they fade away.


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    Jackie Chan 01.01.2008

    I'm not gonna waste my time to implement such a no sense module.


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