Most Important Ranking Factors in Google - Shocking Facts

Most Important Ranking Factors in Google - Shocking Facts

What Are the Most Important Ranking Factors in Google 2023?

  1. Manual Review of Website Score: Sooner or later, your website will undergo a manual review by Google. If your site features expert articles, and your authors are well-known with a good reputation, you'll receive a favorable score.

  2. CTR and Other User Signals: The way users interact with your site, including click-through rates and other behavioral metrics, plays a significant role in ranking.

  3. Niche Traffic/Website Size: The more comprehensive and focused your content is on a particular niche, the more trustworthy your site becomes. Moreover, increased traffic to such content can further boost your site's trustworthiness.

  4. Domain Authority: Domains that are frequently cited by other reputable sites, and have been around for a long time, gain higher authority.

  5. Categorization Based on Content Type: Informational websites are easier to rank, whereas transactional or offer-based sites face more challenges in achieving higher rankings.


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    Jackie Chan 01.01.2008

    I'm not gonna waste my time to implement such a no sense module.


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