How to recognize a bad backlink from a good seo backlink?

How to recognize a bad backlink from a good seo backlink?

The impact of acquired links on improving a website's position in the Google search engine has significantly changed over the past years. Today, backlinks more so influence the reputation of a website and its subpages within a specific topic.

  • A good backlink is one that is thematically strongly related and is located on a domain with high traffic of the same theme.
  • A bad backlink is one from a subpage that is completely unrelated to the linked content and is on a website with low traffic of the same theme.

Which backlinks should you aim to acquire, and which should you avoid in 2024?

It's essential to prioritize quality and naturalness. Avoid all anchor texts (even those partially including the brand), especially for keywords on which we want to rank. In many cases, a text link often contributes more to the reputation of the pointed content than a generic or branded link.


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