How much market share bing search engine has in US?

How much market share bing search engine has in US?

Referring to publicly available data on the internet, the average Bing market share in search engine traffic in the United States is 9%. However, two other search engines also display the same search results as Bing, so by optimizing for Bing, we also gain traffic from them. The statistics for the last month are as follows:

  • - 9.19%
  • - 2.72%
  • - 0.77%

This totals to around 13% of the traffic. However, it's important to note that traffic can vary greatly depending on the niche. Most of Microsoft's search engine traffic consists of "beginner" users with limited computer knowledge. Users who are more knowledgeable and capable of changing their search engine tend to use Google. For instance, traffic from the financial industry on Bing, where people are seeking financial assistance, could account for up to 20% of total traffic. Meanwhile, for the tech advice industry, it might be as low as 5%.

There's an unofficial war between Google and Bing for search engine users. In short, Microsoft is trying to leverage its Windows 11 product to replace the default search engine with Bing through forced updates, and it's becoming increasingly successful in doing so. The Bing search service is also becoming more and more similar to Google's, and many users are becoming content with sticking to Bing.

Is it worth optimizing for Bing as well? The answer is straightforward: it depends on the niche and your business budget.


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