Google search engine goals for 2024 and beyond

Google search engine goals for 2024 and beyond
As you know, Google is a private company whose goal is to generate as much profit as possible. Google search engine has stopped being improved for a long time to show the most relevant results. Recent years show trends and give an outline of what search results will look like in the future.
We present several potential goals that have a very high chance that the Internet search engine tycoon will focus on in the coming years.

"On all money keywords with big competition they should return only informational content"

If keyword is generating huge money from ads they should add ai content, maps, knowledge panels, reviews, related potential questions to derank organic results much as possible.

"If website buy adwords, they shouldn't get any money keywords rankings"

The company has money, so they should not limit the expenses of a given company by providing it with free customers.

"Don't allow advertisers target specific keywords from search engines"

Advertisers should not be allowed to target specific search keywords. To maximize revenue, compel advertisers to display ads on terms they might not necessarily need.

"On all hard keywords but without money in adwords they should allow only huge websites"

Huge players huge potential problems. Small bisexuality = small potential of generating problems and law issues.
If google would cut traffic to huge websites they can legally enforce their rights and initiate antitrust laws saying google takes everything for themself.

"Small businesses should be invisible in search engine untill they buy paid ads"

 Small businesses should find it difficult to gain visibility in search results unless they invest in paid ads. Such a stance assumes that smaller entities pose less of a threat or challenge to the search engine's modus operandi.

"Container websites who satisfy user answer, collect and compare offers should be deranked"

Websites that simply provide user answers or compile and compare offers should receive lower rankings. In Google's ideal vision, users should rely on insights and reviews displayed directly in the search results. The user journey would involve engaging with several AdWords results before settling on an offer.


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    Jackie Chan 01.01.2008

    I'm not gonna waste my time to implement such a no sense module.


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